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The Power Basics Series

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Power Basics Math - Revised in 2022!

Power Basics Math - Revised in 2022!

  • PB Basic Mathematics
  • PB Algebra
  • PB Geometry
  • PB Consumer Mathematics
Power Basics Science

Power Basics Science

  • PB Biology
  • PB Physics
  • PB Chemistry
  • PB Earth & Space Science
Power Basics English

Power Basics English

  • PB Basic English
  • PB Everyday English
  • PB Intro to Composition
  • PB Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension
Power Basics Social Studies

Power Basics Social Studies

  • PB United States History
  • PB American Government
  • PB World Geography
  • PB World History I
  • PB World History II
  • PB World History III


A Power Basics School-to-Career course is also offered to help students think and plan for their future.

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PowerBasics series

Each program has the following components:

  • Example Student Text Book Cover

    The Student Text

    Focuses on one concept at a time, with ample practice to achieve proficiency and mastery.

  • Example Teacher Guide Book Cover

    The Teacher's Guide

    Provides an overview, strategies for differentiation, extension activities, forms, and graphic organizers.

  • Example Student Text Book Cover

    The Student Workbook

    Extends and enriches the Student Text with critical-thinking and cooperative-learning opportunities.

  • Example Student Text Book Cover

    The Test Pack

    Provides assessments and test-taking strategies.

Package options include:

  • Student Workbook 10-pack: 10 Student Workbooks
  • Singles Pack: 1 Student Textbook, 1 Student Workbook, 1 Teacher Guide, 1 Test Pack
  • Classroom Kit: (Binder) 1 Student Textbook, 1 Student Workbook, 1 Teacher's Guide, 1 Test Pack (all reproducible)
  • Classroom Set: 10 Student Textbooks, 1 teacher' s guide, 10 student workbooks, 1 test pack.

This program is ideal for the struggling learner

  • Special Education
  • Students-at-Risk
  • Remedial Education
  • Differentiated Education
  • Credit Recovery

Built to support the struggling learner

Considerate text

Power Basics uses “considerate text” to present content in a way that helps students understand, retain, and use the content in the classroom and beyond. For text to be deemed “considerate,” it must have an accessible reading level. New vocabulary must be highlighted and clearly explained, as learning new vocabulary is essential to processing new information. Considerate text must also be organized appropriately for the audience. Power Basics is structured to maximize comprehension.

Power Basics content and design contributes greatly to the program’s coherence. No background knowledge is assumed. This levels the playing field for all students in the differentiated classroom. Plus there are several features that contribute to the coherence of the text, such as heads and subheads, short, manageable lessons, clear examples of concepts, frequent opportunities for practice, and ongoing assessment.

One of the most important features of Power Basics is that each book has been divided into short, manageable sections with directly stated main ideas. Each section begins with an explicit learning goal and a list of words to know that students will encounter in the lesson. A brief practice activity follows each section of text. These practice activities are frequent, and help reinforce what students have just read. Brief activities are less overwhelming than long practice activities often found in traditional textbooks.

To ensure access for diverse learners, Power Basics uses a combination of controlled reading level and text organization to facilitate understanding. Sentences use simple structures and the active voice. Ideas follow logically from one sentence to the next, and linking words are used to show relationships among ideas.

Each lesson introduces key terms needed to understand the lesson content. These key terms are listed at the start of the lesson, appear in boldface type the first time they are used, and are clearly defined in context, using familiar words and concepts to explain the new terms.

Each lesson in Power Basics introduces a few essential new concepts, and elaborates on them to make them understandable to learners. Power Basics provides clear examples for each idea presented. Power Basics also contains explicit transitions from one topic to another.

Meet the Author

Providing accessible educational resources so that ALL types of learners can thrive is one of our core principles. In efforts to build on our vision, we partnered with Robert Taggart, Ph.D., the author of the Power Basics to publish the series. Purchase the Power Basic resources at our online shop or through one of our many resellers.

Robert Taggart, developed Power Basics specifically to address the needs of students not well served by traditional strategies and texts.

Dr. Taggart was the founder and president of the nonprofit Remediation and Training Institute in Alexandria, Virginia, and a former research professor at Howard University, where he headed the Howard University Opportunity Institute.

He has also authored twenty books and monographs on diverse topics, including job-training strategies, economic development, and the importance of basic skills.

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Power Basics customers

  • YWCA St Thomas Elgin
  • Yukon-Koyukuk School District
  • The Virgin Islands Department of Education
  • Val Verde Unified School District
  • Sydney Public Schools
  • Pleasant Valley School District
  • Consolidated School District of New Britain
  • Carden City Public School
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Fulton County Schools
  • Coffee County Schools
  • Chapel Hill ISD
  • Bi-County Special Ed Cooperative
  • Auburn School Department
  • Appleton

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