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One size fits all doesn't work any more

We offer an innovative way to collaborate, design, and develop customized aligned math resources

BW Walch

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A partnership with BW Walch gives a district control, cost-savings, continual improvement and flexibility, and rapid response.

We work closely with your curriculum team to develop and deliver customized core and supplemental curriculums to meet the needs of your students.

We can customize core and supplemental resources.

Summer School? Test Prep? Content recovery?
We have you covered.

The BW Teach process



Meet with the BW Walch Curriculum Design Team to provide your curriculum requirements and preferences.


Design and Build

The design team develops custom curriculum based on the district's specific needs and preferences with ongoing review and feedback from the district curriculum team.



The final customized curriculum is delivered digitally and print-on-demand.


Ongoing support

BW Walch helps support district partners with implementation, professional development, and course revisions as needed.

A unique ownership opportunity

What we offer:

A full design-and-build approach with a focus on empowering teachers, including:

  • Authentic alignment
  • Curated selection of OER and custom content
  • Content suited to pedagogy and preferences
  • Platform compatibility
  • Plus a unique print-on-demand capability

What you get:

BW Walch's District-owned curriculum is supportive, complete, aligned, and easy to implement, leading to:

  • Confident teachers
  • Higher classroom engagement
  • Improved student outcomes
  • Lower cost of ownership

Customized Curriculum for District Partners


Sacramento City USD, CA


High School courses for accelerated students


Two custom supplemental courses:

  • CCSS IP Math II Honors Supplement
  • CCSS IP Math III Honors Supplement

Wake County, NC


To prepare students for high school math


Two custom semester-long courses:

  • NC Fundamental Math
  • NC Foundations of Algebra

North East ISD, TX


To prepare students for Algebra II and college courses


Two custom courses:

  • TEKS Math Modeling with Applications
  • TEKS Advanced Quantitative Reasoning

Winston-Salem/Forsyth, NC


Custom courses to meet district needs for students not ready for Math I and students taking 4th year math

  • Custom NC Foundations of Math I and NC Math 4 courses

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