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Our research-based materials are built with focus, coherence, and rigor. Courses are centered on problem-based learning that helps students develop their critical thinking and communication skills, both of which are essential in higher education and the workplace. Finally, the materials are coherent and easy to use for both teachers and students.


Ensuring that all students can achieve mathematical proficiency is the foundation of our courses. Our culturally relevant courses are built with a variety of researched-based teaching and learning methods so students at any level have the opportunity to learn the required standard. We strive to empower all students by giving them the tools and confidence to succeed in the classroom and beyond.


Our courses can be customized a little… or a lot. Reorder course lessons and add your own resources with a few clicks. Teachers can even create their own lessons and courses, or collaborate with BW Walch to develop custom courses to meet district needs.

Our curriculum design principles

Our programs are designed with equal intensity in conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application.


Table of Contents Each lesson in our programs was written specifically to address the Common Core or State Standards for Mathematics. The Standards Correlations document in the Program Overview of each course provides a comprehensive list mapping the lessons to the standards. Each course employs a problem-based model of instruction that supports and reinforces the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Implementation guides for each task suggest which SMPs to focus on and make the connection between the SMPs and the content standards.

In all of our courses the Walch alignment document shows that all major and supporting standards have been addressed. More than 75% of the major work are addressed in our lessons.

The practice standards are taught throughout the program and the Implementation Guides for the Problem-Based tasks include direction for teachers on how to effectively facilitate the practices.

The alignment in all of our courses, assures the connections between domains, clusters, units and courses has been addressed. Each lesson intentionally relates new concepts to students’ prior knowledge, setting the foundation for future learning and allowing access to prior learning from major work in the grade or course.

Instructional strategies which assist teachers in delivering instruction for ALL learners and learning modalities are provided for every lesson with explicit instructions and suggestions for struggling readers, ELLs, and students with disabilities in the Program Overview. Station Activities and conceptual activities, found in every unit, both address multiple learning styles. We provide a set of Coaching Questions and Implementation Guides for each problem-based tasks, which provides scaffolding, differentiation, remediation and enrichment for all learners. We provide a set of scaffolded practice for each lesson which provides a DOK 1 & 2 level set of problems. Three to five sets of Station Activities are found in every unit, and the problem-based tasks are found in every lesson. Conceptual activities can also be opportunities for listening, speaking, reading and writing mathematics content and are found in every unit. Problem-based tasks as well as practice, warm-ups and guided practice incorporate diverse names and examples throughout the program. Conceptual activities can also be opportunities for listening, speaking, reading and writing mathematics content and are found in every unit.

Our courses provide ample opportunities for students to practice fluency and procedural skills in our scaffolded practice, guided practice, and the practice problems by providing students flexibility in their use of procedures and skills to solve problems. These course materials also provide opportunity for building conceptual understanding through our alignment of conceptual activities which includes Desmos and Geogebra activities and other OERs. Aligned conceptual activities can be found listed in the Table of Content and accessible in the Curriculum Engine as a learning object. Problem based tasks provide deeper understanding and integration of conceptual understanding in real-world applications by giving students the opportunity to access concepts and ideas from a variety of perspectives.

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