Our Mission

To empower teachers by delivering tailored solutions that unlock student potential.

Because every classroom teacher, and student is unique

Empowering with Knowledge, resources, and technology

Nationwide K-12 student's ability to understand and apply mathematics has slipped to levels not seen since 2003.

This is a national crisis.

We provide teachers with the knowledge, resources and technologies to address this effectively.

About BW Walch

With a 90+ year legacy in educational publishing, we recognize the unprecedented challenges that districts, teachers, and students face.

BW Walch specializes in delivering ready- to-go resources and crafting customized solutions that empower teachers, students, and individual districts by meeting their unique needs.

BW Walch trains math teachers to analyze student work and teach accordingly. An outgrowth of an NSF project and a UPenn partnership, evidence shows that OGAP works and student outcomes improve.

BW Walch provides a robust library of core and supplemental math curriculum that can be localized and targeted using our powerful Curriculum Engine platform. We can deliver tailored educational resources on any medium and on any platform a district desires, reducing barriers to adoption and training and supporting teachers and students without limit

Our Print-on-demand capability brings our digital applications to life.

BW Walch Print

We recognize the unprecedented challenges that districts, teachers, and students face today and are committed to transforming the learning experience through personalized solutions.

As a rapidly expanding leader in the field of educational technology, resources, and training we are often looking for talented personnel to join our company and further our mission. Join our dynamic team and help us empower teachers and improve student outcomes.

Here is a list of our current job postings. Additionally we are always on the look out for qualified candidates in a number of positions so feel free to contact us at recruit@bwwalch.com if you have interest.

BW Walch Team

  • Al Noyes

    Al Noyes


  • Susan Lemieux

    Susan Lemieux


  • Jessica Jeffers

    Jessica Jeffers

    Division Manager, OGAP Math

  • Kathy Jou

    Kathy Jou

    Director of technology

  • Joanne Whitley

    Joanne Whitley

    Senior Director of mathematics & professional development

  • Deb Sivovios

    Deb Sivovios

    Manager of customer service & print

  • Martie Harmon

    Martie Harmon

    Manager of design and publishing

  • Lace Ferebee

    Lace Ferebee

    Mathematics curriculum developer

  • Tina Dicenso

    Tina Dicenso

    Customer service & analysis

  • Joe Howard

    Joe Howard

    Supervisor, production

  • Marty French

    Marty French

    Print operations

  • Jason Roberge

    Jason Roberge

    Print operations

  • Jeremy Hillock

    Jeremy Hillock

    Print operations

  • Dewane Roberts

    Dewane Roberts

    Print operations

  • Jimmy Formales

    Jimmy Formales

    Print operations

  • Todd Coffin

    Todd Coffin

    Print operations

BW Walch Board

We are privileged to have an outstanding group of directors:

  • Al Noyes

    Al Noyes

    Board member

  • Chris Twyman

    Chris Twyman

    Board member

  • George Hogan

    George Hogan

    Board member

  • Conall Ryan

    Conall Ryan

    Board member

  • Jeff Upton

    Jeff Upton

    Board member

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We make it easy for teachers to get the resources they need so they can focus on their students.

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