Curriculum meets new Georgia state standards

Sam LaCasse

Sam LaCasse·– 07/28/2022 10:39am

In December Walch Education will release an instructional Georgia state curriculum that aligns with the newly adopted Georgia state Standards. We work with districts and Georgia state curriculum leaders who are dissatisfied with off-the-shelf “one-size-fits-all“ solutions. We provide proprietary resources, GSE expertise, agile support and best of class OER. Walch Education develops custom materials that are tightly aligned with state standards for both content and practices. 

Walch has focused on Georgia for 15 + years. We have aligned and delivered custom resources since the days of QCC. “Our high school math curriculum resources, including our flexible supportive problem-based design, came initially from work we did in Georgia almost 15 years ago. Remember Polly’s Peaches?” says Al Noyes, Walch’s president. “We are pleased to continue our commitment to supporting Georgia Math educators with these new GSE resources.” 

Our previous curriculum was added to the State Recommended List of instructional materials for K–12 Mathematics. We have partnered with districts like Cobb County and others across the state to provide high quality educational resources. And now, we have iterated our materials to fit the evolving Georgia state standards.

Georgia teachers approve: 

"I am truly enjoying teaching from the Walch Coordinate Algebra text. I have never found a textbook that matches the Georgia state standards" Math teacher from Southeast Bulloch High School, Georgia.

"Walch has created the only textbook that truly follows the standards.  I have looked at every book available to me and they all simply rearranged the old texts to match up, but did not add or remove anything to ensure that all standards are met." Math teacher from Hart School district, Georgia.

We have worked tirelessly to enhance the Georgia state curriculum so that it aligns with the new standards and meets and exceeds the academic rigor needed to be a highly impactful resource for the classroom. 

Setting a goal to exceed rigor expectations, our new Georgia state curriculum has a uniquely equal intensity of all the three aspects: conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application. Each component is seen throughout every lesson. Our guided practice and practice problems capture procedural learning; warm ups, problem based task and practice problems identify with the application component and conceptual understanding is always derived from conceptual task and is in many of our problem based tasks.   

We are excited to partner with Georgia school districts as they navigate their way through new curriculum and standard adoption. To meet the district's ever evolving needs and budgets our resources are now offered in both print and digital formats and can be purchased as a complete set, or as customizable individual units and components.