About BW Walch

BW Walch provides innovative, best of breed EdTech applications and resources that improve teaching and learning by supporting educators, engaging students and generating insightful reading, writing and STEM data.

We provide a robust, automated curriculum management system that enables schools to tailor their curriculum and take control of the classroom experience.

Our print-on-demand capability that brings our digital applications to life with real printed books.

BW Walch Office

Finally, to ensure that our teachers are 100% comfortable we also deploy support teams to districts and classrooms to support implementation and maximize the EdTech experience.


  • Al Noyes

    Al Noyes


  • Chris Twyman

    Chris Twyman

    President, CMO

  • Rose Leung

    Rose Leung

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Joanne Whitley

    Joanne Whitley

    Senior Director of mathematics & professional development

  • Beth Hulbert

    Beth Hulbert

    President, OGAP Math

  • Ian Garland

    Ian Garland

    Head of UX

  • Gavin Hawkins

    Gavin Hawkins

    Head of EDU Strategy and GM Squirrel

  • Deb Sivolvos

    Deb Sivovlos

    Customer Service

  • Darren Clift

    Darren Clift

    VP UK Operations

  • Kathy Jou

    Kathy Jou



  • Sam Lacasse

    Sam LaCasse

    Customer Success

  • Sam Clift

    Sam Clift

    UK Digital Support

  • Milly Guest

    Milly Guest

    Marketing Assistant


  • Jon Edwards

    Jon Edwards

    Creative Director

  • Raul Radu

    Raul Radu

    Back End Developer

  • loreley petroiu

    Loreley Petroiu

    Front End Developer

  • Sammy Taylor Holmes

    Sammy Taylor Holmes

    Front End Developer

EDU Service

  • Subrahmanian Seshadri

    Subrahmanian Seshadri

    India Partner

  • Ity Saxena

    Ity Saxena

    EDU consulting

  • Rashmi Raj

    Rashmi Raj

    EDU consulting

US Printing

  • Marty French

    Marty French

    Print Operations

  • Jason Roberge

    Jason Roberge

    Print Operations

  • Joe Howard

    Joe Howard

    Print Operations

  • Mike Waddington

    Mike Waddington

    Print Operations

  • Dewane Roberts

    Dewane Roberts

    Print Operations

  • Jimmy Formales

    Jimmy Formales

    Print Operations

  • Todd Coffin

    Todd Coffin

    Print Operations

Customer Service

  • Gail Raymond

    Gail Raymond

    Customer Service

  • Tina Dicenso

    Tina Dicenso

    Customer Service & Analysis


  • Jasmine Owens

    Jasmine Owens

    Sr. Math Specialist

  • Martie Harmon

    Martie Harmon

    Manager of design and publishing

  • Shannon Alt

    Shannon Alt

    Mathematics curriculum developer