Walch North Carolina Math Curriculum is adopted

Mary Donlan

Mary Donlan·– 07/28/2022 10:37am

Walch Education, the leader in providing tailored curriculum resources to districts and the developer of the ground-breaking Curriculum Engine, has developed curriculum for the North Carolina Math 1, 2, 3, and 4 courses with input and feedback from North Carolina educators. These resources have been aligned with the NCDPI frameworks and support differentiated instruction.

“We’ve partnered with North Carolina districts to create high-quality, aligned materials” said Al Noyes, BW Walch CEO, “and our ability to deliver the North Carolina curriculum along with interactive activities and assessments in Canvas has been important for schools across the state. Walch also offers a range of NC aligned supplemental resources to help students succeed in NC Math I and other courses. 

Walch works closely with school districts across the United States where the “one-size-fits-all” digital and print resources offered by traditional publishers fall short of meeting the needs of their teachers and students. The North Carolina and other state and CCSS aligned courses include vetted OERs to support student learning. 

Joanne Whitley, Walch’s Senior Director of Product Development noted that “curriculum leaders and teachers spend too much of their limited time searching the web or otherwise trying to fill gaps in existing resources. By offering them authentic, aligned resources on our turnkey Curriculum Engine platform, Canvas, and other LMS’s and providing print resources, Walch helps free up time and energy so that it can be spent with students.”

About Walch Education

Walch is a leading developer and publisher of tailored high school math curriculum. Adapted to fit the needs of each state and district partner, Walch’s proven solutions give teachers everything they need to extend and enhance student learning. The company’s Curriculum Engine is leading the way in the new category of “Curriculum as a Service” offerings, helping teachers teach more effectively so that students can succeed.

For more information, visit the Walch North Carolina page.