BW Walch and OGAP coming together to empower math teachers

Chris Twyman

Chris Twyman·– 03/06/2023 1:07pm

Portland, Maine, March 6, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)—BW Walch, the leading provider of high-quality tailored math curriculum and collaborative reading and writing tools, and the developer of the patent
pending Curriculum Engine, today announced that it has joined forces with OGAPMath, a well-respected provider of highly effective professional development in mathematics for elementary and middle school math teachers.

BW Walch’s focus is to empower teachers with genuine, accessible problem-based resources that
support the needs of diverse classrooms. The company’s school district clients appreciate the company’s
ability to tailor resources to their needs and deliver them on the districts platform(s) of choice.

An important aspect of empowering teachers and helping them address the needs of diverse classrooms
is giving them the content knowledge and tools to understand and address student understandings and
gaps and help students realize their potentials.

"School districts and teachers are increasingly challenged by widening teaching and learning gaps,
diverse student bodies, myriad technology solutions and limited budgets," said Al Noyes, CEO of BW
Walch. "OGAP’s unique ability to help teachers understand students’ needs through ongoing formative
assessments combined with providing teachers strategies to address those needs is exactly what today’s
classrooms require."

Marge Petit, a founding member of OGAPMath LLC, added, “Joining forces with BW Walch is an
important move for OGAP. BW Walch is committed to sustaining the quality of OGAP’s materials,
professional development, and ongoing support as well as expanding the opportunity to more teachers
and students.”

Beth Hulbert, managing partner of OGAP who will join BW Walch as OGAP’s President, said “I look
forward to joining the BW Walch team. We are of like minds with a focus on integrity and quality, and
both believe deeply in the need to help teachers maximize their effectiveness in the classroom. Today
more than ever”.

About BW Walch
BW Walch is a leading developer and publisher of highly rated math curriculum, and the developer of
the market leading Boom series of reading and writing platforms. Adapted to fit the needs of each state
and district partner, BW Walch’s proven solutions give teachers everything they need to extend and
enhance student learning. The BW Walch Curriculum Engine enables the rapid personalization and
customization of digital and print curriculum and is leading the way in the new category of “Curriculum
as a Service” offerings. With offices in the US and the UK, our mission is to empower teachers, helping
them teach more effectively so that students can succeed.

About OGAP Math
OGAPMath LLC was established in 2016 to introduce and implement The Ongoing Assessment Project
(“OGAP”), which was originally developed with grants from the National Science Foundation and the
U.S. Department of Education (2003-2008) to improve elementary and middle school students’
mathematics understanding and procedural fluency. OGAP is a systematic and intentional mathematics
content-based formative assessment system and mathematics professional development methodology
founded on mathematics education research. In the last three years alone, OGAPMath has provided professional development and ongoing support for approximately 9,000 educators as well as 200 district
and school level coaches. Research shows that both teachers and students evidence significant gains
after exposure to OGAP, and anecdotal feedback is overwhelmingly positive on all counts.
Shelburne Associates LLC served as exclusive sell-side advisor to the owners of OGAP.